wow... computer controlled shutter release for Sony Cams...

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Feb 15, 2003
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This is not done by me, i just merely copying the person's post...
[intervallometer for your cam]
by French Dream

If you own a F7x7, F828, V1, V3, or whatever has an "ACC" jack, including camcorder (LANC jack), you can add an interval function to your camera. It's a pity that such a simple software trick is not built-in our beloved toys...

First purchase an RM-D1

2nd, open it

3rd solder a few wires in it. At least ground and shutter, but optionally you can add power, power LED, zoom in/out, rec/stop for DCR...

4th connect the wires to your PC's parallel port via an ultrasimple I/F board made of a few transistors and resistors

5th make a simple piece of software to toggle the bits on the port

6th shoot, and squeeze hours into a short movie (jpegs concatenated inot gif or mpeg) control/

This is the carpenter's style intervallometer. I know, there's a smarter way of doing things, without an RM-VD1 by emulating the lanc data directly, for those who want to try...

Applications: make movies of flower opening, clouds moving, moon rise, etc etc.

You can also use the jig without computer to trigger the cam when some (human or not) being passes across an IR gate...


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