Worldwide Churches Photographic project

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Jul 11, 2004
Hi to all who is reading this

Blessed Christmas. I am currently writing this in Istanbul. Turkey. After visting the majestic Hagia Sofia, which used to be the most majestic church in the early centuries, I was kinda inspired and had an idea - to start a photographic project via website, which would feature photos (hopefully nice ones) of churches and Christianity around the world. Not too sure if similar things have been done before?

But we could start off by featuring external and internal shots, architectural characteristics of churches (Christian and Catholic) around the world (regardless small or big, unknown or famous etc etc), followed by other themes related to churches, eg. people, etc. Hopefully this would catch on and attract photo enthusiasts from all over the world to contribute. Would like to find out if there are any clubsnappers who are keen on this project. We could meet up over coffee in abt 2 weeks time and discuss the details, since this would involve a bit of logitsics and preparations. Let me know your thoughts and responses thru this thread.

God Bless


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Mar 2, 2003
I was tinking that people could be Group photos of christians all over the world holding the same designed A4 print poster(hosted on a website for download) with a message "See you in Heaven"....haaha :)

Or something to that nature.U get my point


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May 29, 2003
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Sound interesting except that only the fortunate one can travel and shoot outside the country and therefore only could only contribute their local shots.

I have already attempted to do this locally to try and capture the churches in Singapore (at the same time testing equipment) but total lack of time has slowed my progress.

Refer to this website of the four churches I have taken. Mediocre shots though.

Merry X'Mas to All!

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