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World Aids Day - 1 December 2005

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Jun 10, 2004
TOMORROW IS WORLD AIDS DAY .....if you see someone wearing a RED ribbon tomorrow, that is a sign of support for people living with HIV/ AIDS ( Of cos, CASS has helped to promote awareness locally ). It is also symbol of HOPE for the future. It is a day to share messages of HOPE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING ...of cos, raising AWARENESS about the disease and fight PREJUDICE.

It was communicated to me that > 42 million people worldwide have HIV and there is still no cure. 10 years later, about 40 million children will be orphans because they will lose their parents to AIDS. If you have a chance to pin on a RED ribbon tomorrow, please do so to indicate your support. As an online community, we can do our part.

Cheers ! :)

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