....how receptive are our local budding photographers (hobbyist / professional / etc) to the idea of displaying pieces of their work in a public space for appreciation, critic and exchanging of ideas with other photographers? I wouldn't say its an exhibition... because it is not going to be like a 2-3days affair or paid space.

Are our people willing to share their works with a open heart or share their comments without bias? Will they worry about people stealing ideas / style / etc or feel that their works are not good enough (when they might be pretty good) thus not willing / too afraid to share?

I'm bring this up for discussion as this is something that have been bothering me for a bit (dunno why). I felt that everyone would share their pictures online maybe because no one knows who they are in real life but prolly wouldn't do the same in public standing proudly beside their work.

Let's discuss how you feel about this.

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