Women pushing the limits

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Spohia has just completed trekking to the South Pole.......and there are still more women pushing the limits of what the body can cope with.

......NOW today and tomorrow Kelly is looking to complete 165km non stop running/walking. She started at 3am today and will go on until tomorrow until she has completed her distance. She is currently doing laps of Macritchie Reservoir park. Go and cheer her on cos she needs you all - en route or at the rest point at the toilet/restaurant block or cheer her on tomorrow at the zig zag bridge. Estimated time of completion is 09:00 on the 2nd Jan. Alternative you can donate towards the charity she is trying to raise money for - the president's challenge.

See here: http://click-4-klick.blogspot.com/2009/12/click-4-klick-fact-sheet.html

Read the latest here: http://click-4-klick.blogspot.com/

Go Kelly Go:thumbsup:

It is raining cats and dogs and Kelly is still continuing her run but has changed the route up and down Lornie Road as the Macritchie Reservoir route has become too wet and treacherous.

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