WKRZ goes behind bars, Sat 15 Nov @ En Lounge

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WKRZ goes behind bars

For the first time ever, 6 WKRZ DJs will go behind bars and serve time . .
but all for a good cause!
Prepare to drink up for charity as the WKRZ DJs go behind bars!

On the 15th of November , WKRZ DJs will be at En Lounge doing their bid for
the SPCA - WKRZ's official charity for 2003 . However, Instead of partying
with the rest of the crowd on the dance floor, WKRZ DJs will be behind the
bar concocting drinks. Moving out in full force from 8pm - 11pm , you can
expect your favourite WKRZ DJs like Jason Chow, Jensen Ho, KS Lee, Audrey Sim, Digby Taylor and Suzanne Walker taking your orders, serving and mixing your drinks.

Duringthis 3 hour period, all proceeds from drinks that are sponsored will
go to the SPCA. And for the first time ever, dog lovers can now bring their
dogs with them when they go out for a drink. The alfresco seating area of En
Lounge will be open to patrons and man's best friend as long as they're on a

Event Details:

Venue : 207 River Valley Road
#01-59/60 (On Mohd Sultan Road)
Date : 15 November 2003, Saturday
Time : 8pm - 11pm

Anyone going down?

About the Cause:
The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is WKRZ91.3's adopted charity for 2002.

The Society was picked as the Charity of the Year as the Z Team felt it was important to instill love for all living beings, including animals, which is a living species often neglected and left out in the cold.

The SPCA is Singapore's first registered animal welfare charity which takes in approximately 1,000 unwanted animals every month. Aimed at working to prevent cruelty and promoting kindness to animals, the SPCA has animal welfare education programmes designed at harnessing the enthusiasm in young people specifically, and developing their awareness of the needs of animals and all living things.

By adopting the SPCA for 2002, WKRZ91.3 hopes to be able to spread the message of love and respect for all animals through the media. If you love animals, join our cause, and may fewer of God's creatures be neglected, abandoned and abused.

Remember, a pet is a lifetime commitment.
more info at: http://www.spca.org.sg

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