Winners of Joe McNally Photo Competition - October

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Drum roll please. Here are the winners of the Joe McNally Photo Competition - October. First of all, thanks guys for taking part in this. Seen a lot of good work here. Tough job to pick the winners. Here are the results...

3rd Place
(winning a ticket to "Let There Be Light Seminar" on Jan 15)
Faded Plastic Girl by Bill Goh

COMMENTS: Just plain strange and interesting. a little sci-fi going on. kind of a x-files feel that is a good expression of imagination. nicely done frame with good balance.

2nd Place
(winning 1 ticket to “Let There Be Light Seminar" on Jan 15 & 1 pass to Creative Asia Conference in Kuala Lumpur
Andrew Loh by andrewloh81

COMMENTS: good exercise in simple graphics, and composition. lighting treatment is very simple and direct. good balance to the frame, and nicely done vertical....

1st Place
(winning a ticket to one of my workshops in Singapore & a pass to the Creative Asia Conference)
I am IMAGINATION by kerezee

COMMENTS: innovative, and a little quirky. cool use of space and light. the flashes in the picture don't dominate, and there's a lot of energy in the posing, and the different colors entertain the eye.....

Claim your prizes by writing to my buddy Louis at You will be required to verify the authorship of these winning images. See you guys soon! TK!

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