Winner of "The Face" invites you....

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Oct 1, 2004
Surprised? haha....its Claire....and yes she was the Winner for the 2002 "The Face" female category.

Eurasian models are the "in" trend for 2005. Don;t miss this opportunity to shoot Claire. She is very professional and pose well. Don't just shoot chinese girls....try something new and shoot something different....

Date: 23 Jan 05 (this Sunday)
Claire - Eurasian...163cm tall, 22 yrs old

Theme: 2 contrasty theme: Country and Modern
Long floral dress with straw hat (British style) and clubbing (tube top)
<subject to availability>

Fee: $50 per pax (those join me before $45)
Timing: 8.30am to 11.30+++
Location: Outdoor. (reflector will be used)

Reserve List
For Claire:
1. T16
2. John_Tan
3. John_Tan's friend
4. Jodie
5. Lejing
6. T16's friend

As one of the photog cannot make it..its reopened for 2 more lucky photog.

her photos can be found in the previous thread...(note: she wore almost no make up for the 1st 2 pics)


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