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Jan 19, 2002
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Just a heads up for those that might be interested.

Practical Photography is holding a competition in it's latest issue, no idea if it's reached Singapore shores yet but I thought I'd give early warning to give people as much chance as possible to win. Alas I don't think there are runner-up prizes, but hey, with all the people in here with good equipment, it's definitely worth a bash. Figured that if we can go on a macro craze, mebbe we can go on a sports craze too!

Basically it's a sports photography competition inspired by the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. And that's about it really! Closing date is 25 October, quite a way away.

To the best of my knowledge, professionals are not disqualified from entering (unsurprisingly I have a vested interest in the answer to that question...). So I believe the key will be to get something different, go out and be creative.

Taking sports shots may be more difficult with simple equipment, but by no means impossible. And certainly there are many Clubsnappers who are outfitted with at least as good if not better equipment than I use on a daily basis for my work.

So give it a thought and let's see some pictures!

(Trannies, prints, digital accepted. Any other questions just ask. Copyright stays with photographer but the usual smooze applies for PP and Nikon.)

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