Will setting Contrast to 100% shorten CRT monitor's life?

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Mar 21, 2002
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B4 I understood anything about colour management, I used to adjust the Brightness and Contrast levels to somewhere between 50-60% for both. I also find this to be comfortable for reading and typing.

But when you do monitor profile, the instruction is for you to up the Contrast Level all the way to 100% and then adjust the Brightness, usually to a low level of 20+% based on a gray scale image. After I maintained my CRT monitor like this, in less than 1/2 a yr I notice it gave me some weird intermittent problems affecting the brightness/contrast of the screen and its colours. Few months later, the problems get more consistent. If I'm lucky, I dont get it but these days it happens. Now don't even know to replace it or not!

Just wondering, will going 100% on the Contrast affect the monitor's lifespan? Mine is already 3 yrs old... so maybe it's age-related issue? But I've another monitor about 6 years which I didn't adjust contrast to 100% and it's still running strong...

Appreciate any comments.

Well, the reason is because :

Brightness, contrary to its name, actually adjusts "Blackness" or the black level. It determines how black the black is on your monitor.

Contrast adjusts how bright the whites are.

By putting contrast to max, you are getting the maximum possible white, from there you adjust the black level. 3 years for a CRT is about right. After that, if you plan on doing critical work you should change the monitor.


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