will more people buying DSLR with HD Video recording?

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Jul 13, 2008
Look at the development on the DSLR, nothing seems impossible. Do you think those people who want the HD video recorder will suddenly made a u turn,instead of buying HD video recorder,now they change their mind and get a DSLR with HD video recording function(eg 5D MK2)for themselves. After all, an Hi End HD Video recorderis about the same price as Canon 5d MK2.(may be slightly less). :)

Ah Pao

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Nov 7, 2003
My two cents worth.

A DSLR is designed to for photographers, and the addition of a HD video recording function is an added bonus to photographers, who can jolly well do without the function. Videographers looking for a DSLR to primarily take HD video will be disappointed because of the current limitations. Take for example, video clips are limited to mono sound with built-in mic, and (for the 5D2) 4GB or about 12 minutes in length. Slow autofocusing, not to mention non-motorised zoom.

Then again, future reiterations of HD video recording in DSLRs may be better, but I still believe a DSLR is primarily designed to take photographs, not video.

Jun 9, 2005
The limited memory capacity of CF cards & SD cards will make HD camcorders more sensible to the average consumer, esp to bring on trips. Not to mention DSLRS like the D90 have no auto focus, and can be very tricky to handle hand-held.
For the advanced amatuers who cannot afford a Red One HD videocam, the D90 & 5DmkII is amazing news to them. But at the end of the day, yes I do believe that people are paying more attention to DSLRs now, and in time when they improve the movie recording functions in the DSLRs, that may spell the doom for HD camcorders. But then again, many people do like to have seperate devices for their specific needs. It's like no matter how many music functions they pack into a mobile phone, people still cannot live without an iPod. :)

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