Why some of camera had free CCD replacement?

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Jun 10, 2004
Last year, digital camera manufacturers had been offering free CCD replacement for some of their camera models. Imaging Resource had an news article here about this news. In the article, it refers to Nikkei Electronic news article. Recently, Nikkei Electronic Asia published the news article in English and comes with diagram to explain the problem.

The Nikkei Electronic Asia article mentioned that two causes are poor bonding (adhesion) strength between wire & the CCD chip and corrosion coming from adhesive containing iodine. The Nikkei Electronic Asia news article mentioned that Sony had not expected the problem to surface in comsumer cameras which are not expected to operate in harsh environment unlike indsutrial camera CCD.

Looks like that the reason more than 10 million CCDs were shipped out with such defects and so many camera manufacters had to offer free CCD replacement for their camera.

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