why picassa is darker?


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May 6, 2007
i am using mac, 27" type, i usually use picassa to manage all my pic, but i realise the image if view from picassa is different from using mac's preview and my camera LCD... according to my setup (highkey) it looks ok from my camera LCD and from preview but when i use picassa to view the images, all of them are like -3 exp, much darker than what its suppose to be. hmm does it means that in future i can't 'trust' picassa anymore? i'm referring to raw file here.
thanks for any help


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Sep 1, 2009
Hi, what do you use to export the images? iPhoto?

From their sig, I think most people here use Flickr. I use iMac and Lightroom. I shoot RAW, import into Lightroom, then export as JPG before uploading to Flickr... no problem with exposure at all. BTW, export as JPG with colorspace included.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Is your workflow colour managed? If not then no point discussing it further. Get a monitor calibration device and create a monitor profile. Secondly: your camera display is only for preview and checking settings, not for any accurate assessment of exposure or colours in the image. It is far from being accurate and cannot be calibrated.
According this Picasa supports colour management. Please enable if not done yet.
Secondly: what exactly are you looking at? Really RAW data or are you just looking at the embedded jpg file which is processed by the camera during the write process to memory card? Most image viewers (Picasa might be one among them) only display the embedded jpg file, they can't read the RAW data. There are not many viewers for RAW files, reason is that the RAW conversion is not trivial. Fast Picture Viewer is one viewer that can read RAW data and is also colour managed.