Why do CSers commit suicide?

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Jun 9, 2009
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I start this thread just to express my bewilderment at why some CS members who have apparently
good track records of civil, diplomatic behaviour, would on the spur of the moment
challenge the Moderators, resulting in untimely but certain death (deregistration).

He has been in CS for a few months, posted a few hundred posts, started quite a lot of threads, asked for quite some advice, contributed some works, participated actively in disucssion.
Generally behaving in an apparently good and civil manner.
Never was there signs of aggressive behaviours.
Then suddenly he was gone and as I frantically searched the FAQ sections, I finally came upon the orbituary announcing the cause of his Deregistration as "Challenging the Moderators to Deregister him...".

I just can't understand why people do that.
There are some who, of course, are just asking for it with unruly behavioiurs on line.
But I have seen a few who have disappeared thus, i.e. by committing suicide.

What are the CS community's experience and view on these unfortunately short-lived members?

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Jan 17, 2002
Challenging the mod to deregister his/her is a no no, period, no matter the reasons or how good the member's track record is. There is no need for further discussion and this thread is closed.

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