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Jun 8, 2005
hi all PS experts, need help in this my situation is
1)i taken some shots of a certain product against white background. however to get the desired colour of my subject,i have to make adjustment and such.Ended up my end result is getting good coloured subject but my background no longer white.

Qn1: how do i change the background colour and notmake anymore adjustment tomy main subject.
Qn2: i understand that there's a way like duplicating my original picture and later brush off the dark shadow...am i make any sense? if you understand what i toking bout, please advise. tks!
Qn3: if my picture taken is "xxxx" by "yyyy" pixel and i wana scale down to "yyy" by "xxx" pixel, how do i do this?


mmm... im just trying to help you, here.

Q1. Yup, you'll need to understand the "Masking". Once you know the masking techniques, it wont be hard for you to separate the bgk and your main subject, so that whatever adjustments you make would not affect other areas.

Q2. I dont really understand your question about duplication the image. What I understand is something like creating a duplicate layer...

Q3. If you're using Adobe Photoshop, go to Image -> Image Size... and change the numbers to the ones you desire.

Hope that helps.

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