Which tripod should i buy ?

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Jul 22, 2004
Hey guys, I just got my S1 IS last night....i am wondering which tripod is suitable for this cam. I used to own Manfrotto 190D. But 190D is too heavy for me and maybe too much for this cam. So which tripod should i get for my new baby :D ?

-Need something lightweight.
-At least a 1.60 m tall tripod.

Pls recommend some for me, Thanks in Advance. ;)

Jul 14, 2004
North East
I recently got a manfrotto 719B and I think it is really good for digital cameras...I really like it...it is light, fast set up and easy to handle and it looks good too :D


But one thing you have to take note is that when you buy the digi series, you cannot hope to change the head...the tripod comes with a head permanently attached to it...therefore if you still are considering this series, choose wisely and for long term...I learned this the hard way but fortunately it suits my needs (except for my digital video camera) ;p

xlakedaemon :D

Jul 17, 2004
latmo said:
SLIK Tripod Pro http://www.thkphoto.com/products/slik/slik-ss2.html
$85@ CP
i just bought it, it is cool
Yeah, it's a nice unit.I just got one at the Peninsula Plaza Cathay Photo for $85, too. Sticker is $170! Crazy. Make sure you tell them your friend just bought one there for $85. Even ang moh can get at this price with a little effort. :D

well i just ask them how much is that tripod and they told me 85 .... no need to bargain
CP have very good service, i told them i want to get this tripod and take out my wallet to pay for it, the guy explain every step to use this tripod like the center columb can be remove and invert and can go extra low before he took my money so i guess even you give them $170 they will tell you it is just 85

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