Which Lens should i get? Nikon Vs Sigma

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Hi guys,

after using my camera for about 3 mths now, i think i am ready for an upgrade.
i do quite a fair bit of walk abouts and events. Currently my kit lens is doing just fine, jus that i really hope i can reach further on certain occasions. I am targeting on the 18-200mm lens as i dun wish to change my lens when i am on the move.

i narrowed down to either getting the Nikon or the Sigma.

need your feed back.

please help me to evaluate price vs performance. (esp VR as i think i might use it very often.)

after searching thru the forum i think i will decide on Sigma.

there are some complains on the Sharpness but so does the nikon lens. So i rather save a few hundred dollars and use this money to get a prime lens in the future...

(i am posting this just in case i start another war on Sigma vs Nikon lens without knowing)

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