Which Gamma setting should i use? Mac or PC

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Jun 3, 2003
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Hi all,

i have been have this problem ever since i venture into digital photography,
well i'm currently using both Mac n PC for my editing and archiving.

Well i just need which gamma setting should we follow?
1.8 for Mac default or 2.2 for PC default

From my experince if i edit the photos on my Mac as default 1.8, when i pass it to my client to view in PC,they would complain that its too dark/under and constrast and ask me to correct it. after doing the correction, my client sent it to their graphic designer, this time they complain the photo is slightly wash out, coz they use Mac. which is set at 1.8 gamma

so is there a standard to follow or we just custom to whom we give the photo's to?
But nowadays i just follow my Mac's default 1.8 gamma to edit my stuff, when i sent it out,i always put a note that says the file as mac's standard, so if PC user pls readjust the monitor to 1.8.

how about you guys/gals

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