Which day is good for SEED?

Which day is good for SEED?

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Adam Goi

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Hi again.

Firstly, let me explain my rationale on why SEED has been occuring on Wednesdays.

When I started the gathering some 3 years ago, I picked Wednesday based on the make up of the members then. Some single, some seeing special someone while the rest are married. Friday was initially chosen but given that I wanted to have as many members involved and also knowing that Friday evenings are usually meant to be family day or gf day so in the end, Wednesday was chosen not because it's the perfect day of the week but rather IMO is probably one of the best day in the week to get as many people of different background to come together.

The reason I didn't even consider having it on weekends was I felt that it'd be better served if the weekends were reserved for photoshoots and even spending time with your family and loved ones instead ... However, this year I'll try again to organise some shoots @ the usual places at least once a month ... so keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned!

My objectives for organising SEED has never changed over the years. They are:

1. Getting members, especially those who are looking for company but just too shy to just to show up @ photoshoot to come to experience 'first-hand' the general mood of the community. We're basically very friendly people!
2. Prior to getting certain equipment, it'd would be great if you can try out should any of the members who are attending SEED can give you first-hand account or even a hands-on!
3. This is more personal ... I take it upon myself (and I know I'm not alone) to share my view with newcomers and those who are relatively new to photography that equipment obsession is a common fallacy should one does not keep his/her bank a/c in check and that one doesn't need to have L lenses, 1D/1Ds and upgrade to the latest model whenever new camera is released in order to take great pictures!
4. Simply put, network!

As for this year, seriously speaking I don't mind carrying on organising SEED, particularly the Newbies Table (piloted by Larry) if time permits. As far as I know I can't organise it on Tuesdays and Thursdays (doing my Masters now) and Fridays are reserved for cellgroup meetings. So I'm stuck with Monday and coincidentally, Wednesday again. :think:

Anyway, I'm running this poll to have a feel of which day the members would like to have SEED but for the time being, I'll run one next Wednesday to get things going and see where we'll go from there.

To end I'd like to thank you again for your support to SEED and I! ;)


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Nov 16, 2004
Hope that SEED would continue. :bsmilie:
Would like to join in when i have the time.


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Feb 3, 2005
Toa Payoh
wow sound like a show i have seen. ;p
fine with me too ,, but i working 12hrs rotating shift. :(


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Dec 28, 2003
I think Sat would be good. Morning can go for outing and photoshoot after that go to SEED.


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Jun 28, 2004
HI Adam.........

just want to say really appreciate yur time and effort in organising seed... i got to know alot of people thru seed as well...
I guess for alot of pple who are new into photography.. seed creates an opportunity to get to know pple (face to face) wif a common interst...
Seriously.. i think seed on a wed is fine....
and if u r ok wif it.. would love to see seed continue well throughout 2005..

Adam Goi

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This is an appeal to those who favour weekends ... I'm still wating for a "ring leader(s)' to come forward to organise it on a regular basis.

As for me, I've decided on my part, SEED will occur once every 3 or 4 weeks (still pondering on it) given my commitment (as mentioned in the first post).

The next one will occur some time after CNY. Perhaps you guys can give me some feedback ... once every 3 or 4 weeks?

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