Which Compact?

Which Compact?

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Dec 25, 2008
Hi I am doing this on behalf of a friend, she is intending to get a compact or pns, she intends to shoot landscapes on her upcoming cruise trip, but will mostly do candids in lowlight, have narrowed down to the following few

Canon S90

Canon G11

Canon Ixus 210

Canon Ixus 200

Canon Ixus 130

Of the 5 which will she be better off getting? and why? If you guys have other suggestions i welcome them :D


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Mar 22, 2006
My vote goes for the G10.

Call me crazy, but I like the camera for the very high MP, which if the ISO is held low and the image is processed properly, results in very clean and very high detail images, better than the G11.

I will only buy cameras with an optical VF, regardless how pathetically small the G10/11 OVF is compared with my D300s or any other DSLR, I think it is very useful in many situations, and if the G10 would no longer be available my vote would go for the G11. I love the G11 LCD display more than the G10 because of the swivel screen, so it is definitely a camera very close to my heart as well.

If I could not get the G10/11 I'd go for the Nikon alternative with OVF.

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