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Dec 8, 2003
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I've a Nikon D80 for taking still picture for most occasions except for business travelling.
The bulk for D80 + 18-200mm is not really convenient.
I need something pocketable for quick snap shot mostly indoor. The next important thing is video capture. Just sold my DVD camcoder, it's really poor low light performer and bulky.
Hence decided to get a compact digicam for that fits both my need.

My priorities are

Good low light performance
Compact size
Good video

I;ve Fuji F-31fd in my mind, but it lacks zooming during video capture and uses XD card . 1GB card can record only 15 mins. What is max capacity of xD ?
Kindly share your experience using F31fd for video. I know it's excellent choice for still pic.

Appreciate recommendations from fellow forumers.

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