Which camera to buy?

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normal camera will do
digital of cos

my HP camera die on me liao... hai.... 3.2 pixel... used to serve me well
but now it's dead... ask to send for repair n it cost me abt 100+++ near 200... which i think i can buy a new camera liao....

i just want a normal camera that i can take photo... i am not a pro in photo taking. so no point getting those super camera which i had seem at the football matches :)


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Dec 8, 2005
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Less than 500 buck ..

That a bit hard brother .. Maybe you consider buying second hand S1 or S2 canon camera


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Dec 14, 2004
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Check out the panasonic FX9 or FX8... It's bound to leave you happy if you take more shots in the day etc... The colours and sharpness is fantastic. The noise is a bit above average, but if you print at 4R, you won't be able to see it anyway. And unless you're using a 20 inch LCD, you won't see it if you view your photos normally like normal humans (i.e. not see 5% of the image at a time)

If you're those who prefer to hide in dark corners to take photos, u can look at the Fujifilm's F11. The low light capability of this camera is good, but the colours are lacking (dull IMHO), and there's this vertical banding problem/discoloration problem with it (strips of dark light dark light in your photos). Not obvious, but it's disturbing enough given that it'll show...

Oh.. if you like zooms.. check out the panasonic FZ5...
it's been pitted against canon's S1pro, S2pro, sony H1... and it came out tops all the time.


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Jan 6, 2006
i think there first you need to ask yourself is..........

1. how much you're willing to spend
2. if want to upgrade or extend the camera's functionality [as in lens , flash, etc. thats when dslr/slr comes in]
3. purpose for camera use. what you wanna take? hobby? work? macro, etc...

better to think about the $$$ first because you don't want to end up spending too much to buy anything else =P

my 2cents.

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