Which Camera? Canon TX-1 / TX1 Ultra-compact Camera

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Dec 1, 2004
This thread may look dated, but I can't resist sharing my happiness with this camera, having tried many a consumer compact camera, and highly recommend this to anyone looking a small powerful camera, as new ones, in the process of keeping size and costs small are losing some of the valuable features. IF you are looking for an all-purpose compact camera. Here's my advice:

Used Canon S3, S5, SX1, 3 years ago to now, 4 x AA alkaline batteries sucks real fast with video & flash,and cold weather. Power requirements too high, normal or rechargeables not useable.Flashing red battery warning light comes all too often, too quickly, Very frustrasting. Left with too many residue power batteries.

Assume all SX-series same problem, gave up. Sold them second-hand time and again. They r all too big to fit in pocket and pouch. Spare batteries, too heavy and many to carry for full day out. Alkalines costly to buy at tourist spots or outside Asia.

Realised my happiness with a small pocket size Canon TX-1, 2006 model with 2009 features:-.
Standard features/picture quality, continuous focus good, all common features present.
Unique features:-

* 10x Optical zoom, fr an ultra compact. (4 x digital)
* HD recording (720p)-1280x720-30fps, widescreen or conventional TV ratio (640x480 -30fps)
* optical+digital zoom while video (some don't, some digital zoom only),
* snap stills while video (most don't),
* fast flash recharge with single, small, light & long-lasting Li-On 3.7V battery, charge outside camera. spare recmd. (1 recharge, 1 in use.)- Puzzles me!
* matchbox-size AC travel charger (no wire). Cam+charger+spare battery all fits in 1 cigarette-pack size pouch.
* Fast boot and snap(1.5 s), limited by speed of your own hands.
* Full swivel LCD (no more found in new model compacts) for over-the-crowd, low-level shoots. - no need to bend or prone.
* 3 aspect ratios, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9
* Super compatibiity: SDHC, 8GB tested, 16GB not tested.
* Convenient Connectivity: mini-USB connection as flash drive/reader/writer.
* Useful Canon feature: 3 or more consecutive snaps & quick powerful flashes, for self-timer shots.(no need to run to&fro). Pano stitching o/s camera near perfect.

To some, Cons:
small 1.5" screen (I trade screen for battery life, anytime)
36mm lens, not wide, i dun do wide nor (big groups in confined space) during outings, stitch panoromic views, or simply move backwards.

These features may sound too nitty, gritty, but when you really2 use it for outings/holidays,kids, birds. bees,flowers and landscapes: HQ videos, flashes, quick boot-snaps, portability & transfers, full swivel, self-portraits, top-down, bottom-up, mega-zoom shots & full-day power, you will really feel it!

Highly recommended..True all-in-1, pocket HQ videocam+digicam, for simple user and power user.
Retails S$999 (2006), S$899 (2007), S$799 (2008), discontinued $699 (2009).
No more available in Singapore, only display sets (bought 1 more, display set @ Carrefour $199 c/w SDHC+pouch- super steal). Won't find second hand on HWZ or E-bay, Best-kept secret, too good to sell. No TX-2 coming. Still available in US, USD280 only.+ shipping S$500.

Nothing else to ask for. Happily using super-baby since 2008, and will be, for few more years, until kaput. Li-On's way to go! Full freedom & versality to shoot w/o worries, saves $$$ on batteries.

(** some will find me over-rating, bear in mind, i am talking ultra-compacts)

PS... in case i'm mistaken as 'sua-ku',
Digicam user since 1994, 1st Kodak DCS420 $12,000 DSLR, Kodak compacts DC290- late 90s-$3,000
From: Nikon E-990, D70/D100/D300 & Olympus, E-10, E20, E3, E30......u guessed it, 15-years pro-studio photographer, who shuns DSLRs for compacts on holidays, why work on holidays?).....

Or perhaps, i am naive to the ultra compacts, pls enlighten me any models with above tested goodies, I'll get it.

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