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Jul 1, 2004
Hi Guys,

Have some astronomical equipments that are roughly the size of the following:

1) optical tube(lens) 15cm dia. 30cm length
2) 2x 100mm lens
3) 4x 70mm lens
4) 2x 50mm lens
5) 1x tripod

Must fit in the airline overhead compartment.

Was thinking a laptop cum camera bag. the laptop compartment would hold the big lens.

Do you guys have a camera backpack to recommend that would fit my requirements?


Check the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG out. I've just ordered one to carry my camera and miscellaneous stuff out when shooting in the field. I like backpacks because they balance the weight around my shoulders.

You have quite a bit of lenses so you might want to make sure they fit first. I'll say this backpack if the best for it's price. But if price is not an issue you might want to look at the options Lowepro and Tamrac have.

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