which camera bag for 10D+28-70L+hood (front mounted)?

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Nov 25, 2002
cck, Singapore
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thinking to get a lightweight and small as possible camera bag. carry in city areas, airplane, mrt, bus but wont climb mountain and run/jog with it. better with some kinda cusion than normal backbag but dun have to be too thick, big and heavy.

either backbag or single shoulder sidebag would be fine. but if single shoulder sidebag is too thick (or deep) then would rather choose backbag because not comfortable to wear lor.

prefer topload or any other way for quick access. just dun have to open/expose completely to get camera out. heehee...

rain/snow proof would be good but not important.

should have enough space for my Canon 10D with 28-70L and hood mounted. P.S: the hood is front mounted rather than reverse mounted because i dun want to re-mount the hood everytime. therefore total length is almost 25cm. also i need to put (not mounted on camera) an external flash like 420ex inside. also some other things like airticket/passport. wallet (containing $250), cookie, and maybe a jacket (single layer. not warm cloth type)

ok these are my requirements. hehee...

does such a camera bag exist to meet my requirements?

was thinking to get Lowepro S&F Toploader 65 AW but it's only 19cm height...

thank you very much.

Nov 30, 2002
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Why not try a crumpler, they got various sizes and depths. Doesnt look too much like a cam bag too, so wont invite thieve also. Inserts are quite good also.


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Apr 13, 2002
The 28-70L with hood mounted is huge. I don't think toploaders will be able to take it. I have an off trail 2 which is almost identical in dimension (29cm in height) to the 75AW, and it's a tight fit even WITHOUT the hood.

You might want to try medium-sized bags like 200/300AW or maybe a Domke J3 or F3X. They will fit nicely with the lens pointing up. You can place the documents in the front pouch and the flash in its ample side pocket. Backpacks can put a lot of things but the drawback being you can't deploy your camera quick enough.

Anyway, I seldom use the hood. I think it attracts too much attention. It's just ridiculously big.


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Oct 30, 2002
For me to carry light, I get the Lowepro S&F Toploader 70 AW for the F100 & 28-70 lens. It fix perfectly in my mid. size backpack including the tripod.


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