Where you'll stay, if you shop for camera + accessories in foreign country.

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Feb 26, 2008
Sorry newbie here. I don't know which appropriate thread for this query, if this information already available, please provide link. But since i can't find it, well here goes:

Where would you stay (area) of foreign country (esp. Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, US) for equipment lens, camera and/or accessories hunting? :think:

I always have this question whenever i travel to other country thinking where i should go to check the camera and accessories pricing + bargains.

(I know many of us got quite a lot of area in a country/area which has many places for bargain, but let's restrict it to place where you can find good camera shops in Peninsula Plaza + Funan IT Mall for comparison)

Japan, Tokyo - Area: Shinjuku or Akihabara?
Hongkong - Area : Tsim Sha Tsui (around Hankow Road) & Kowloon (around Sai Yeung Choi Street)
China Shenzhen - Area: No idea
China Shanghai - Area: No idea
China Beijing - Area: No idea
Taiwan Taipei - Area: No idea
Thailand Bangkok - Area: Siam Centre?
M'sia KL - Area: Low Yatt Plaza & Sungei Wang Plaza.

UK London - No idea (maybe not applicable since equipment there is more ex? ;p ). Hotel : No idea
US Los Angeles - Area : No idea.
US New York - Area : No idea

Please add if you have other <country> + places to include. Thanks :lovegrin:

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