Where to go in Mornington Peninsular?

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Mar 17, 2006
Western Singapore
Hi folks

I'll be visiting Melbourne in early Dec for a week with my family. Intend to self-drive to Mornington Peninsular from Melbourne City. Apart from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, we've not explored other parts of Mornington so not sure how to plan my route.

Anyone who has done that can share some tips? E.g. how long is the drive and what are some 'must-dos' in Mornington? Any specific vineyard/farms or winery to recommend which have excellent scenery/backdrops for photo-taking? How much are the entry fees to these vineyards?

Thanks in advance! ;)


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Mar 3, 2005
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I don't think you can explore much of mornington peninsula in one day.
Places that i usually visit are arthur seats, sunny ridge strawberry, rye beach, frankston beach, wineries, cherry picking.
Possible routes: Melbourne >wineries > sunny ridge > cherry picking > arthur seats > rye beach > dinner at frankston > then back to melbourne. That's one whole day from morning till night for me.

you can also go to philip island to see the penguin parade after sunset, or the nobbies before sunset. But philip island is pretty far from melbourne city,it's around 2.5 hours driving if you follow the speed limit ;p. if you don't then it's faster :bsmilie:.

the best scenery is at areas around arthur's seat (the hill look outs towards the sea) and Philip island. Frankston beach is not bad too.

And dont forget to bring around Melway with you.. or GPS. You can easily get lost outside the highway.

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