Where to get Color Infrared film processed in SG?


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Jul 14, 2019
Hi Guys,

I just shot a roll of Kodak Aerochrome and was wondering if anywhere in SG processed it. Anyone know of any place that can develop it?

Or do i need to send it off to the states?

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Read the aerochrome link below. The "chrome" indicates it is a positive film but it can also be a negative so check your actual product details.

It is based on the ektar film meaning ektachrome chemical process which during film heydays ektachrome film were sent to australia for processing as it used mechanised equipment and E5 chemicals that require temperature control.

For aerochrome (read link) kodak use AR process as primary recomendation but however it can also be developed using C41 process which is the chemical process for normal colour film but take note of the developing time of 3min.45secs , don't know what normal colour film time is.

Take note C41 is not the primary recommended process by Kodak. So I guess you can "try" any retail outlet that process normal colour film C41 process.Then again I may be wrong..see page 5 - 7.

Aerochrome pdf link:

Edit: Confirm that C41 process can be used but you need to tell them it is infrared film and must be developed by hand individual roll and not batch developed like normal film.That is if the minilab is willing to do for you. Read link below:


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