Where to get Audiophile CDs?

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I have some visiting colleagues who are looking for Audiophile CDs.

Did a search here and understand there are a couple of shops in Adelphi. Other that Adelphi, any other locations can find shops offering a wide variety of such quality discs ... no special artistes preference.

BTW, how is the Audiophile shop in Northpoint?

Thanks in advance.


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Nov 21, 2005
There is a shop at Holland Village Shopping Centre that sells an interesting mix of CDs, stuff you may not normally find at other CD shops.

That CD Shop has an audiophile rack at all its outlets.

There is a CD shop at Shaw Tower at Beach Road selling SACDs. Ground floor where Sell-a-vision used to be.


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Jul 11, 2006
sorry, out topic a bit.. :D

i have been looking for Trace Bundy cds, it supposed to be a classical solo instrument i think.. borders, that cd shop, and some others that i have been through dont have the cd.. anybody can tell me what is the most complete classical cd shop..?? :D thanks

Mar 5, 2006
For quality music CDs, avoid places not well known for selling them. I once bought an xrcd at ground level chinatown point (near one of the entrances). It was a fake and i paid the deceitful uncle $46 for it!

That CD shop has a small but decent collection, but i like the no fuss skimping out every track for sincere buyers.

Good luck to your search!

Hi, need to say a big thank you to all here for the tips. Now payback time :)

Thought I would give an update here ... (mods : if posting such details are not allowed, you can take this down:) )

These are the shops where my fren found what he was looking for. The thing that impresses him the most were the ability to try and listen to the disks, something he cannot do back home where he need to buy thru the internet. The price is also very competitive.

1. Roxy Disk House (Adelphi - 3rd level : prolly stock plenty of audiophile labels/quality stuff)
2. Simply Music (Adelphi - 3rd level : specialises in LDs and used CDs, not many Audiophile CDs though)
3. Shop a few shop away from Simply Music (Adelphi - 3rd level : was closed when we are there but seemed to stock lots of CDs)
4. Audiophile (Sembawang Group : Northpoint - 3rd level)
5. Sembawang Group Stores : various locations

Thanks again.



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Nov 27, 2004
Jln Teck Whye
Any idea where to get gothic rock or symphonic metal collections?
Maybe you can try to go to Roxy Music? Its located at Excelsior, Level 2. Its among the indian music school. Not to worry abt heading wrong place. Its much at the corner.

Good luck. :)

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