Where to get 2nd hand Ricoh / Zenitar / Cosina / Exakta Lens?

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Dec 12, 2002
Hi there,

I am looking for manual lens for my canon 300D. Prob a prime 28 or 50 and perhaps a zoom (which is good for reverse mounting)

Planning to use them mainly for reverse mount but at the same time, hoping that they might have adaptors or mounts that allow them to be mounted the right way round.

Anyone know where such lens may be found? Got any good 2nd hand lobang?


You can get a pentax screw mount to 300D adapter or Leica screw mount ( lots of good russian lenses available , I bought 3 of them and have used two ) Try ebay as a scource, but be careful and watch some auctions before you wade in. I have been buying on there for about a year and have purchased 5 or 6 cameras, llenses and a celestron scope.the adaptors are readily available n ebay. 47th st photo, the camera hunter, and a lot of other reputable stores sell on ebay. Check the feedback on anyone you are considering as a seller to you.
You can allso find used pentaz screw mount lenses in stores selling used equipment. I think the pentax screw mount is the best chioce as many different manufacturers had that mount and there are no problems with focus on the eos. Do NOT try to use FD lenses as there is a focus problem with the shorter lenses ( under 200 mm) back focus is wrong.

Good luck

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