where to buy hot foil transfer pen or emboss powder

Jul 19, 2010
hi all,

Sorry, i decided to do my own birthday card for my friend.
i wanted draw a golden/ those metallic camera in it.
and write some wishes too.

however, it would be best for me to use a hot foil transfer pen.
vs a normal metallic pen as it doesn't look good.

i do like to know if anyone here knows if there is such item sold in singapore?
if so where can i get it? or any shop that can do that service for me for like 1/2 cards only.
if i am not wrong it is also called as hot stamping in industry terms.

i saw them online: Card Making Decoupage Designs from Newlight Craft, UK
Hot Foil Transfer Pen Bonus 5 Foil Packs RRP $49 95 | eBay
but then shipping is costly and takes time.

Thanks alot.


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Apr 7, 2004
try calling the art and craft shops to check.

art friend
maybe even popular?

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