Where to buy cleaning swabs?

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Jul 26, 2003
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Dear CSnappers,
I wonder if anyone in the forum has this habit too, but I will like to ask if anybody knows where to buy cleaning swabs?

Erm... When I mean cleaning swabs, I mean for cleaning equipment such as earphones, headphones, mobile phones and even keyboards. The one that I am using comes in individually-packed and contains a bit of alcohol. I also use them to clean my lenses if they have been splashed with grime when overseas. So far, nothing has happened to them.

I used to have a supply that was given to me by a friend but it is slowly running out so will like to ask fellow CSnappers if anyone also has a habit of cleaning their equipment. Will also appreciate if such swabs will be on sale in the coming Comex.

Thanks for any suggestions or leads! ;)

{Mich} :p

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Jan 11, 2007
It would have been helpful if you had told us what the active ingredients of the swabs were.

Having said that, if it's individually-packed isopropyl alcohol (70%) swabs you're looking for, any large pharmacy would stock them. I use the ones from Becton, Dickson and Company (BD Alcohol Swabs) - very cheap - 100 for $5 or so.

Hope this helps and CHEERS!

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