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Where can I buy odd-sized photo frames?

Oct 29, 2014
So I've run into some framing problems.

Recently I shot some large group photos for an event and the organiser gave me an extra copy they printed out. I was planning to frame it up but I didn't want to cut it up to fit smaller frames so I went on the hunt for long photo frames. The usual places such as Ikea don't offer anything as long but they do have larger frames that fit. One of the prints is roughly 35 by 15 inches and the other is 30 by 8 inch. I also printed out some of my photos on A3+ paper (it was a mistake on my part with regard to paper size) that I would like to frame up as well. They are noticeably bigger than the standard A3 paper and I can't find any frames for them either.

Anyone knows where I can a frame for them? Or do I have to find custom frame makers?


Senior Member
Dec 29, 2008
East Coast
Make a visit to a frame maker. He can customize to the size you need.

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