WHATS NEXT FOR M43, after Olympus, what future is left?


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Sep 18, 2019
Panasonic did not fix themselves only on MFT. They did venture into dipping their toes in Full Frame which you believe may give them a new life line.
Unfortunately that did not happened. The whole industry and process is much more complicated than a manufacturer selecting correctly a certain format,
MFT, APS, Full Frame, Medium Format, Large Format etc. Marketing, Support, lenses availability of accessories, market condition, consumer demand all play a very important role.

I think Olympus did consider testing other formats, but after seeing the progress of Panasonic, JIP, (the new Olympus) did not proceed, but instead went to explore other niches. I don't think they sit on their laurels and do nothing but fix their vision on MFT.

Credit: digitalcameraworld.com
Article on Panasonic

I think both Olympus and Panasonic parent companies had indulged in the respective camera division's CEOs' fixation on MFT for too long.
And allowed the two to destroy the subsidiary; with their rigid inflexible foolishness; in a rapidly changing world.