...what was there at the Nikon Seminar Yesterday...

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May 11, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
Hiee All,

I was at the Nikon Seminar(Roadshow). Its all about DIGITAL WORKFLOW. The road show lasted till about 6pm and there were "advertistmants cum tips and tricks" from the organisers.

I stayed till the end and the content of the seminar is as follows:

1) Nikon D100 - The presenter focussed the fact that the camera is great for Studio shot -and he asked a audience (who is a studio photographer) and a lady to be his model.

It shows how the Laptop(APPLE) connected to the D100 is used as a remotecontroller - to set the normal camera settings like shutter aperture.....etc. PHOTOS TAKEN BY THE CAMERA GETS LOADED DIRECT TO THE HARDDISK ON THE PC/LAPTOP HENCE NOT WORRYING WITH HAVING TO HAVE LARGE MEMORY CARD.

He also showed the Nikon Photo Editing software and how to use it with the xxxx.NEF/xxx.RAW files - i think is a integrated "shrinkdown" version of Photoshop. I personally feltl that Nikon has successfully integrate a tool which is capable to control phototaking and editing them......and also able to further expand its software functions through newer revisions.....

2) Apple Computers - The presenter (a photographer) showed the power of the Apple MAC as the most suitable tool for digital image editing....

3) Adobe photoshop - (Some are functions only present in ADOBE Photoshop 7!!!!)A great session whare the presenter showed some cool techinques in using the software to do the following:
a) Changing image to black and white the PROFESSIONAL WAY (by using two layers of Hue Saturation adjustment layers) You can adjust the saturation to -100 on one layer and then change the colour choices by changing the edit: Master -> to the choice color on the pop up.

b) Changing the dull blue sky in Singapore using the MAGIC WAND to select the sky and then change the sky using layers - with layering change to colourburn ...i think...- normally i do it a little different...

c)Using the extraction tool to extract objcts like buildings from the actual file Professionally using the Stroke funct, and Extract Funct.

d)Sharpenning image using the High Pass Tool on a layer of the copied image - instead of the Unsharp Mask tool.

e)Remove noise by Gaussian blurring Blue channels - Go to layers - Channels (tweak the Blue channel and then see the original image and the noise should be reduced).

f) Creating border using the STROKE Tool.........I've used this: Open image.......Select All.......go to Edit> Stroke> ...choose 10 or more pixel...Location - Outside.....and background color to white...then there OK. You will get a white border according to the size of pixels you chose.


4) Colour Management Presentation by some Colour management company.......then i fell asleep..........sleep....sleep.....sleep...then woke up...

6) Epson demo on their new Pigmant ink 7 coloursystem

End of the Day....

Thats all that i think I absorbed from the Seminar.....tired lah...
Will try out the Photoshop stuff and will try to document it ......and possibly share with you guys....



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Apr 19, 2002
fell asleep???

so any other fellas can fill in on what dear sulhan missed?

Originally posted by munfai
fell asleep???

so any other fellas can fill in on what dear sulhan missed?
Went for the morning session. Didn't have the live studio shoot, John Cosgrove, picture editor with the Straits Times (?) was expounding on the benefits of shooting digital, and tips on shooting digital. And strange that there isn't a D100 on display.

No tea break, but the colour management, etc stuff presented by XRite et al were pretty boring, feel asleep too. Not really applicable to me as they are industrial/commerical/professional tools which are too expensive anyway.

Epson's talk wasn't too interesting either, they are talking about the better accuracy of the printers using 7 colour inks and the ability to print good B&W. Also talked about how to use colour management when printing in Photoshop.

The PhotoShop one is the best among the lot. :)



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Jun 14, 2002
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Been waiting for your photoShop write up for a few days. Hope you have some spare time do to it.

Thanks in advance.

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