What was the deposit for the old ezlink card?

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Jan 28, 2003
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There was a thread on the new ezlink card which made me thought of the above-mentioned.

I was refunded S$3 for each of my 3 cards. My friend was refunded S$5 and I've requested him to keep the receipt.

What is the deposit of the old ezlink card? Is it $5 or $3? I recall (if I am not wrong) the following with regard to the launch of the ezlink card many years ago :

a. the deposit was S$5.

b. during the initial launch, every Singaporean was entitled to pay a S$3 (instead of S$5)deposit for the first card. During then, we had to show our IC when we purchased the card.

Since then, was there any revision in the deposit?

Anyone know? :dunno:


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Oct 24, 2002
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I recently tried cashing in on my old pay per use my MRT cards (many) to get my $1 X 6 back. It says 'card's validity expired, no refund' or something then eats up my cards. WTH...

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