What type of battery to get?

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Apr 19, 2004
Intending to get a 2100mh rechargable battery charger.

currently deciding between Sony, GP and Sanyo. any one got any recommenations?

If i buy Sony charger, can i use it to charge Sanyo battery?? Different shops give me different answers.

by the way, how many shots can a normal alkeline batt take and how many can a 2100mh batt take? :dunno:


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Dec 30, 2003
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Hi bro,

Like to share my personal experiences...

I bought a 2100mAh Sony charger which came with a free set of batteries and bought an extra set mainly because of higher capacities and a very small and light charger.
My first set was from Vanson (can get from Sim Lim Square) rated at 1800mAh.
I may have done something wrong initally with the Sony batteries because their performances cannot even put up with those from Vanson.
So I was thinking maybe the new Sony chargers with discharge functions can help. Have yet to try it out.
As for using a more powerful charger to charge batteries of smaller capacity, no problem for me thus far except that they are charged faster.

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