What to look out for when buying used DSLR?

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Jun 23, 2003
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I'm new to SLRs, but feel like buying a used one to expand my photographic skills. However, can the lao jiao photographers give me some tips on what to check when buying a used DSLR?

E.g. the seller claims that the CCD is just cleaned. How to check this other than taking a shot
and bringing it home to view on the PC to check for dust?

A friend told me that the way to check for dead pixels on the CCD is to take a shot with the lens cover on. But I've tried it and the DSLR refuses to take a shot with the lens cover on.

What about buying used lens? What to check for that?

Final question: How does the value of a used DSLR change with age? e.g. a 6mth D70 body vs a 1.5 yr D70 body? Assuming they are both about the same condition.

Aug 20, 2004
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OT a bit, it will be good to make sure you have a fast enough PC/Mac to process your pictures before buying a dslr. Otherwise, end up taking 2 hours just to PS 5 photos.

unless you dontl mind.

2nd hand dslr ok. All electronics, if it works , it works. If they seller claim sensor just cleaned, show receipt and countercheck with serial number of the body.
Main thing as with nuying any stuff, run through all the functions to confirm. Tihs means the flash, all metering modes, all playback functions...etc. Best is to read the manual (from most websites) befroe you buy.

FOr lens, external conditons, mechanical conditon(no funny sound when operating) and fungs of the glasses. Mount it on a body and check for AF performance - good to include a tracking focus test as well - just ot see if the motor is responsive.

Most important, don;t expect it to be as good a a new unit. YOu buy 2nd hand, expect some minor flaws that does not contribute to functional performance.



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Jan 20, 2005
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to check for dust,
find a bright place,
white wall or similar,
small aperture(f18 and above),
don't worry about shake if speed slow, it doesn't matter.
review pic.
if u see small dot that's darker, that's dust.

to be honest, its all right to have small dust as long as u know
how to clean it.
chances are u hardly shoot under that condition.

shooting w/lens cap is to check for hot pixel.
switch to manual focus, else cannot fire.
imo, its like above,
not important at all if u have only a few.
if too many send to service centre
to get them map it out.

hope u get urs soon and start enjoying


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