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Sep 27, 2006
WTD Fan Profile...
Real name: Michael Honeycutt
WTD screen name (in the comments section): Michael H
Location: Charlotte, NC
Day job: photography/post production
Your website or blog: http://michaelhoneycutt.us/
and http://michaelsmojo.com/
Favorite photographer: Ansel
Your favorite WTD strip: #393
A website we should all check out: www.fairtax.org
A website we should all NOT check out: craigslist.com "casual encounters" section
Favorite comic strip BEFORE What the Duck: http://xkcd.com (A Softer World wins the bronze)
Describe the best photograph you've ever taken:
A lucky shot of a man playing his guitar, shot on B&W film, everything fell into place: light, composition, subject matter, hand positions, everything.
What is the one piece of gear on the top of your wish list: A new Mac Pro with a ton of RAM
Describe WTD in one word: photomniscient
Your first camera ever: Canon AE-1 Program
The first thing you ever bought online: A CD, I think it was by The Wildhearts
Favorite piece of WTD merchandise: The reversed "Fix It In Post" shirt
Your favorite piece of gear: A lens, the Canon 10-22
Your biggest pet peeve: When there is a period or exclamation point where a question mark should be. Don't you just hate that. See, doesn't it just feel wrong. Why do people do this! How can they live with themselves! I feel dirty now.
A rave: Home cooked meals.
If you could photograph one famous person - who and why: I would have loved an opportunity to photograph George Carlin because he's legendary, was a pioneer in his field, and had lots of great faces. Plus I was a big fan. But if I have to choose from the living, I'd go with Sally Fields, for the same reasons.
Suggest a question I should have asked you:
"What is the greatest SINGLE FRAME from all WTD strips?" The answer: The final frame of WTD#58 (to save people the trouble of looking, the bride asks "What's post processing?" and the duck responds: "Making you look less bitchy") That one frame is greater than ten years worth of Garfield or Peanuts.
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