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Sep 27, 2006
WTD Fan Profile...
Real name: Nathan Blaney
Location: NYC
Day job: Photographer
Your website or blog: Other than my own?
Vincent Laforet's blog, I guess...
Favorite photographer:
Your favorite WTD strip: Just one???
A website we should all check out:
http://strobist.blogspot.com/ (I'm confident this will be the most popular answer)
A website we should all NOT check out: where do I start...?
Favorite comic strip BEFORE What the Duck: calvin and hobbes
Describe the best photograph you've ever taken: Rectangular, black and white and poorly framed.
Describe WTD in one word: 42
Your first camera ever: pentax k1000
The first thing you ever bought online: prints from http://www.derekhess.com/
Your favorite piece of gear: Kevlar helmet.
Your biggest pet peeve: Almost all forum members at dpreview.com
A rave: Alien Bees has the best customer service ever. Really.
If you could photograph one famous person - who and why: I photograph well known folks on a regular basis - mostly on assignment, so it no big deal. Can't think of anyone I'd like to shoot (with a camera) who I haven't already.
Suggest a question I should have asked you:
Here's the question and the answer.

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