what the diff between aperture and shutter speed?

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Hi gents,

am very new to the dslr world and just myself a 400D a few weeks ago...
am wondering hor,
wad is the difference between aperture shots and shutter shots?

when do we use a aperture piority shots? when for shutter piority ones?

here are some of my pics... took them in east coast... can help me comment? wanna improve and learn to be more like u guys:D

thanks guys:D

Jun 26, 2007
sorry i m newbie here also, cannot help answer your question but i like th second and last pic. nice leh. :D what lens are you using may i ask?


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Mar 3, 2007
Sin Jia Por
well, the simplest i can offer is that:
- Aperture controls the amount of light into the camera - the bigger the F stop (e.g. f1.4) allows more light and smaller (e.g. f11) allows less light but effects the depth of field from background to foreground.
- shutter speed also does the same but has less effect on the depth of field.

Therefore if you what to use shutter priority you should use it in situations where the subject is in an action shot and you want a less blurred image.
And in aperture priority should be used in situations where you want better exposures in low or high lighting conditions with more depth of field. example like night shots or long exposure shots of the night sky.

Remember to consider ISO settings here. the Higher the ISO the more amount of light it captures, however the more grainy the picture in higher ISO settings.
Play around with these settings to get what you want in each shot and try to make each press of the shutter count. Most important have fun!

Anyway, one of the secrets of the pros not only light but shadows. Shadows do bring a certain amount of mood to the captured frame.



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Jul 12, 2007
Exposure controlled by aperture, shutter and ISO/ASA

Aperture - larger allows more light in, but thinner field depth.

Shutter - slower allows more light in, but more room for handshake blur.

ISO - Higher allows greater sensitivity, but more noise.

Vice versa. All can be found in the manual.


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Jan 17, 2002
when do we use a aperture piority shots? when for shutter piority ones?
What is Aperture ?

Read this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aperture

Mainly for controlling Depth-of-field relates to the below factors:
- Sharpness Quality
- Background Bokeh/Blur
- Big Aperture like f2.8 can give faster shutter speed, thus lens is more expensive

What is Shutter Speed ?

Read this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shutter_speed

Determine the speed of open to close of a lens aperture.

What kind of effect to achieve ?

Slow shutter speed gives motion, smooth, blur and dream effect

Fast shutter speed freezes fast action object stay in the air. Everything will look sharp.


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Dec 11, 2006
Use aperture priority mode (A) when you want to isolate your subjects from the background eg. flower from the bushes. In that mode, you can change only the aperture and the shutter speed will be set accordingly by the camera to get the correct exposure. By using a large aperture (small F numbers like F2.8...the smaller the f number, the larger the aperture), you create a shallower depth of field. You can try using the smallest aperture setting and focus on a flower, you'll see the background blurred.

Use shutter priority mode (S) when you are shooting sports, moving objects, kids playing...etc. Vice versa, you can only change the shutter. Using a high shutter speed stops subject motion and minimises effect of handshake. For example, at a focal length of 300mm, you should use about 1/300s shutter speed to counter handshake.

The above mentioned are the general ways to use the different modes. There are other ways of creatively using these modes for other effects. But as a freshie, pls do experiment more with these modes to better understand the various effects it creates!

Enjoy shooting!

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