what module in a uni teach how to make charts/slides/docs more professional looking?


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May 14, 2005
What are the modules in Universities teaching students how to make their docs, slides,
or charts more professional? How to creatively use colors.. highlights.. and how not to abuse
the use of them etc..

Are there such modules in any Mass Comm major?


Aug 25, 2006
don't need to teach, just keep looking at good examples, bad examples.


if the student can't tell that a presentation with the typewriter/laser sound effect being used for every letter is bad, then they need to be schooled in common sense, no university can teach that.


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May 16, 2005
I believe some of the research methodology modules do cover some of those points you mentioned... but really, want to take a module just for that?...

but , if in doubt:
1. just use one colour + black,
2. use at most two professional looking fonts (one for body text and one for title, or both same font also can as long as differentiated in some way),
3. make sure the text is clearly legible at the max expected distance,
4. bold and italicize only key words,
5. DON'T have over wordy slides, just have key points that will be covered... the slides are to guide the audience along, they are not essays or transcriptions of your presentation,
6. use pictures only to illustrate and not to decorate, and especially don't have silly clip-art images :rolleyes:
7. don't have too many animations and types of transitions,
8. don't have too many slides, so that you have to keep flipping,
9. don't have too many ideas in one slide,
10. don't worry too much about the powerpoint... just knock them out with your delivery :)

in the immortal words of Dr Dog, "that will be £10";p

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