what mode/setting should I use for indoor using flash ?

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Mar 30, 2009
Hi all ,

for group shots indoor events with flash , what setting is best to use A/P/S/M ?

I dont want to increase ISO high . i understand flash range increases if ISO increases. I tired using A mode and i have to increase ISO to get steady shutter above 1/10.

i also play around with M mode , change ISO , shutter , apature it works better. example , ISO 400 , shutter 1/60 , apature widest but i cant tell what exposure i ll get after flash fired.

so what is the best practice ? btw using sonyA300+kit len+builtin flash


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Nov 28, 2005
The fact that you're using the built-in flash means you have limited flash strength. Also, the settings will depend on the room size, ambient lighting, etc.

why not set your cam to auto, take a test shot, then review what the camera set and use that in M mode?

Or just stick to auto if you find things too complicated.

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