what kind of dig. camera suits me?? A camera-idiot here...

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Hi... i am looking for a digital camera.
A student here, thus looking for one tat's not so exp.. ;) no money mah....

A stylish camera would be preferable... one tat i can bring along for overseas trip and stuff...

Please tell me more abt. cameras... how many megapixels do you think i need.. (hehe... already said i am a cam idiot):D

Actually i have been eyeing on the toshiba PDR-T10... one tat has a touch-screen function... good or not huh?? ex or not... (haven't checked the price yet...)

what kind of memory card is the best/low-cost?? SD card?? MMC card??

just wondering.. how do you guys develop the photos?? using your home's printer?? i heard tat can actually develop the dig. photos from various places... how does it actually work?? you pass the memory card to the person in charge??

I very blur one... so please explain in laymen's term okie??

Thanks a lot!!! :bsmilie:

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