What kind of a packer are you?


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Oct 9, 2006
I have gone for touristy package tours, serious hikes up the mountains in Nepal and city tours...

But for each, I would meticulously place my items into Eagle Creek "Pack It" small nylon containers, and separate out my undies, socks, from tee shirts and a pouch for my chargers.

What do you do?

- stuff everything into a backpack?

- use small pouches?

- NTUC plastic bags?

- a bag with multiple compartments

- huge duffle bag and just chuck everything inside?


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Feb 21, 2009
When transiting (eg, to/fro the airport.. or from hotel to hotel) I will put all my gear in my backpack with padded compartments. Then I will have one small camera (Sony NEX 5N or Canon 1000D) on my neck or in a small sling bag

I normally travel with two cameras, one for serious shooting and the other for casual. The small casual camera will always be with me in the sling bag, while the bigger body and lenses may not bring along (like going for a foot massage at night) so will be left in the luggage in hotel


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Feb 20, 2002
Perth Australia
I normally just pay extra to ship my camera gear (well mostly the client does). With personal gear I'm such a seasoned traveller that I need very very little to go a long way. I tend to just pack it all in to a hard shell suitcase along with a few special things such as a small flask of laundry powder, portable clothes line etc. When I'm travelling for fun rather than work I'll pack chargers and things in my suitcase along with the tripod and monopod and ballhead. When shooting in the backblocks of Africa or SE Asia I tend to carry plastic bags to put muddy clothes in as sometimes I'm out for weeks in rubbish weather.