What is the diff in application between Gain and Exposure Compensation?

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Mar 27, 2002
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Don't mind a newbie's ignorance... I checked the manual...ok for gain is like the timing of the shuttle speed right...

what about exposure compensation.... how does it function... CDD sensitivity or shuttle speed...

also both are like similar leh... less light or more light..

what is the application..

if both similar... why not just settle with Gain level... why must also accompany with Exposure compensation?

I'm using canon S10


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Jan 24, 2002
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Er.... I thought its th other way round?

Exposure compensation allows you to adjust the exposure in respect to what the camera's light meter reads by adjusting the shutter speed or aperture. So let's say a certain scene is measured to be 1/60 seconds at F 2.8. But you find that it looks a little too bright, so you set an exposure compensation of -1 EV and then meters again, this time it'll show say, 1/125 at F2.8 which is 1 stop below what the meter reads. So exposure compensation allows you to tweek the light meter readings in a sense.

Gain, is an electronic thingy... It increases the sensitivity of the CCD/CMOS by amplifying the signals from the CCD/CMOS...

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