What is the current champ in P&S ?


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Jan 27, 2002
River Valley
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Seem lately I been visiting some 3rd world countries often and the idea of hving a DSLR in these places dont make me feel too comfortable... i also kinda hate P&s since venturing into DSLR.. but guess now no choice..

I did some read up and commonly good P&S is LX3, S90 (I dont take the g series canon as small enuf as a P&S)

but lx3 and s90 is like too pricey.. something i dont feel like paying for..

So i read tha tthe fuji EXR200 is cheap now.. $400 after rebate? ... is there anything else that i shld consider beside the EXR200 at ard the same price range of $400?

I want something that can handle high ISO well.. i guess thats all that matters as PQ are more or less similar

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