What is Photography to you? How do you view your works & that of others?

Feb 8, 2010
I've read recently the thoughts of some CS goers on their views of passion in photography. On a lighter note, I've decided to understand the thoughts running through everyone here.

Would you also consider using Holga/Lomography products & call them photography? I for one own few of such & am happy with the effects & outcome.

I'm sure it will be an eyeopener for everyone here, me inclusive!
*Please do not start flame wars, as it is not my intent, for everyone is entitled to their opinion*

What is Photography to you? How do you view your works & that of others?
Photography is nothing but a red hot passion to me.

I view my works as good and that of others as not so good because their passion is questionable, dubious and not so solid. :bsmilie:

Oct 22, 2009
Ahh I love this kinda threads. Recently read a lot of posts where CSers talk about this and feel like chipping in my 2c worth.

IMO, there are two ways of seeing photography and cameras - as a realist tool for representing truth, and an expressionist tool for artistic expression. To different people, cameras take up different roles and have varied purposes. To the photojournalistic people, the camera serves as a way to depict an event and the tool is valued for it's accurate representation of a real life event. So to these people, editing should be kept to a minimum and the photo should be as similar to what the eye sees as possible.

I belong to the latter, and hold an expressionist orientation in my approach to photography. Photography, although not very much acknowledged by painters etc, is to me a form of art. The camera is like a paintbrush just that it records light and doesnt smear colour onto a canvas. The light gathering from the sensor or film is only the first step of creating an image. This is followed up by editing, printing, or digitally presenting the image. The entire process should lead to the display of the image as an art piece for appreciation or enjoyment just as a painting would be to viewers.

Although everyone have their thoughts on what photography is, it is important to not dismiss another person's opinion on what photography is to them. Serial photo editors should not look at unedited photojournalistic work as unrefined, but rather a different school of thought in how one approaches photography.

On TS's question on whether lomography is considered photography, my answer is a definite yes because photography essentially is the recording of light on a medium regardless of how distorted the presentation of the image is. However, it is safer to view lomography as a form of expressionist type of photography where the purpose of the medium is for artistic expression.

Sep 17, 2008
if ya ask me... u might be better of pming some members to ask their opinions...

different ppl different take haha

and at the rate its going...

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