What I Like/Wish for the E10/E20

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Jan 23, 2003
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Hi all,

Just like to have the E10/E20 users opinion on the camera that they have owned, what they like/dislike about the camera, and what are some of the tips they would like to share with everyone.

Let me start off this off with the following:

1) Shutter speed-a faster speed of 1/2000 and above would be nice. But for my use so far, 1/640 seems OK.

2) Faster write times-But the buffer in the E20 seems OK. I can shoot in succession for 3-4 shots in SHQ mode while the camera writes busily to the card

3) Metering-It uses IR and contrast tracking, which, under dim light conditions, the camera tries hard to focus

4) Colors-very natural colours. Skin tones are good

5) Built quality-very solid build quality, but can be heavy for long journeys: make sure you have your Op-Tech straps...

6) Built in flash-good fill in flash, with just the right bit of exposure.

7) Battery life-NIMH depletes rather fast, esp with LCD on. External battery pack would be nice....

8) Interchangeable lenses-Opens more flexibility instead of the current 38-140mm range

Well, looking forward to your input!


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