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Feb 10, 2017
If i were to give you 2 options to choose, which do you think is better / true and will give you a faster breakthrough point? ( in terms of starting out as freelance / business )
Remember, you have to assume that you have ZERO.. You have a basic average skills. So would you build a stronger business roots OR build a stronger portfolio audience?

A ) I spend my time getting to know more people who potentially might be my clients in the future.
My portfolio will be just average / ok standard because i spent my time developing my roots of my business.
70% get leads , 30% portfolio
"I will hunt for potential clients first to be stable in income, while my portfolio is just an average, improving slowly"

B ) I spend my time building stronger portfolios and spend time knowing more people, but not with as much effort.
70% Portfolio , 30% get leads
"If my photos are damn awesome, people will come find me automatically"

If you choose B , does it mean that good portfolio = most important to get clients. It IS the advertisement itself

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I don't see how you can build a strong portfolio without the access provided by a varied clientele.
If you experiencing the temporary luxury of excess capacity, you will do well to talk to successful and failed business owners. The former focuses on their customers, the latter on themselves.
Not neccessarily photographers, but people who provide similarly bespoke services.
Don't worry about your portfolio. There is a demand for ANY quality of work, I assure you. The most successful photographers are not neccessarily the most skilled. Success is more tied to good market positioning, providing excellent customer experience and maintaining a sustainable system of service delivery and business self renewal.
The owners of the biggest photo businesses probably hardly shoots anything if at all.

Rather than seeing your portfolio, your clients can be better served by showing you their prefered portfolio.
Your job is to deliver their vision by doing the necessary homework and investing in their correct gear.

If you are trying to get more business, focus on your marketing skills and leverage on online platforms to create a stronger presence. Most importantly work on SELF CULTIVATION. Be a likeable person.Learn to reduce friction in your transactions. Eliminate buyer resistance in closing deals. Essentially, don't sweat the small stuff. Help your customers help you.

Having met many photographers over these 20 years, I realise photographers who do well are also the nicest the people I have ever met. They do not see themselves as separate from the client or company that hire them. They often double up as ushers, hosts, handy man. They never talk down to their clients. They are genuinely interested in providing a good experience for their subjects. They are not time watchers.

If you require success in spades, fill an unmet need in the market and you will be swimming in money.

Always remember you are a service provider first, a businessman second, and an artist last.

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